[:et]TRMS digital multimeter for industrial use, e.g. process­ engineering for chemicals.[:]


[:et]TECH multimeetri omadused: 

  • 20 multimeter functions
  • Additional filter function and voltage measurement with reduced input impedance for limiting interference, e.g. for measurements at frequency converters
  • Additionally adjustable transformation ratio for connecting current sensors and transformers with voltage or current output
  • Temperature measurement with type K thermocouples
  • Capacitance – continuity testing – diode testing – resistance

Üldised A seeria (BASE, PRO, TECH, X-TRA) omadused:

  • Resolution: ± 12,000 digits, 4½-place
  • 3 connector jacks with patented automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
  • TRMS AC and AC / DC function
  • Voltage measurement with a basic accuracy­ of ±0.05% (V DC)
  • Automatic and manual measuring range selection
  • Automatic storage of measured values: DATA / MIN / MAX
  • Large, light-blue illuminated display with extra-large characters (15 mm) and an analog bar graph for dynamic processes
  • Separate battery and fuse compartments
  • IP 52 protection against dust and water
  • Measuring categories: 1000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV
  • Made in Germany
  • DAkkS calibration certificate included[:]