Millioommeeter METRAHIT 27M

Millioommeeter METRAHIT 27M


[:et]The MetraHit 27M is a rugged, reliable and compact milliohmmeter, multimeter and a temperature measuring instrument too.

It is very well suited for on-site service, as well as for a wide variety of laboratory tasks.

Applications apart from general low-ohmig measurements:
– measuring low value contact resistances at welding seams and riveted joints
– determination of low-resistance transitions at outer skins of aercraft (lightning protection, wicktest), and for general low-resistance measurements.

  • Milliohmmeter
    3.000 mOhm to 300.00 mOhm with 1 A measuring current and
    30.00 mOhm to 30.00 Ohm with 200 mA measuring current
  • Kelvin connection (4-wire measurement) 
  • Resistance measurement from 300 Ohm to 30 MOhm
  • Voltage measurement from 3 to 600 VDC and 3 to 600 VAC with ±30,000 digits
  • Frequency measurement from 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • DATA hold memory for up to 1200 measured values
  • Continuity and diode testing
  • Overload protection
  • DAkkS calibration certificate as standard feature[:]