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Delta tööstusautomaatika

A global Taiwanese-based electronic company that develops and manufactures power supplies, as well as power converters, servo drives, automation components, renewable energy equipment, energy management systems, robots, and more.

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Blockon is a manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, reactors and EMC filters, established in Germany in 1939 and currently operating on 4 continents. All products are of top quality, most of the certificates are available, deliveries are fast in most cases directly from the factory warehouse.

Tramec is an Italian company from the TVT Group. The production is high-quality screw, hypoid, parallel shafts, shaft-mounted, angular, planetary gearboxes, etc. In addition, electric motors, frequency converters, inverters, etc. are offered. The product is exported worldwide, including Asia. The reason is that the Tramec reducers are of good quality at a favorable price.

A German manufacturer with a worldwide reach, specializing in precision electric drives, automation equipment and electric vehicle drives. Lenze is a favorite supplier of the German machine industry, as the quality, supply and service of the company are perfectly polished. All products and technical support are available around the clock around the world.

Lenze introduction (pdf)

PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH is a German company (established in 1957), which sells under its name and quality control mainly electronics and environmental measuring equipment, testers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, etc., produced by subcontractors. Peaktech products have a favorable price-quality ratio, which is well suited to most Estonian customers.

PeakTechi introduction (pdf)

The official locations of Peaktech products are STOKKER,EHITUSE ABC and OOMIPOOD If you did not find the right product, please send a request to: info@energiatehnika.ee