Power, control and measurement solutions

Mission of Energiatehnika Llt. (est. 1992) is to rise competitiveness of machine builders and public transport utilities by providing original power, control and measurement solutions. We are experts on special power electronic converters, motion control and energy storage applications.

We work side-by-side with customers to guarantee excellent features, short delivery time and competitive price. Our team of highly qualified and skilled top engineers with over 25 years experience works in close co-operation with university scientists.

Examples of our latest developments: high frequency power supply for a particle accelerator; special power supply for testing package robots with different voltage and frequency systems; servodrive system for testing ship models in a test pool with different wave profiles; modernisation of tram traction drives, etc.

We have experience with Finnish clients since year 2004 and with Germans since 1992. The company is ISO9001 certified and has AA credit rating.

Please contact us if you need a special power converter, servodrive or energy storage application. We would be happy to serve you in English, German, Finnish, Russian or Estonian language.